Meticulously Repairing and Maintaining Vehicles in Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Making sure that your car is working efficiently is crucial, as one simple fault is more than enough to cause a potentially fatal road traffic accident. At Oaksey Garage Ltd, in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, we specialise in covering all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repairs, ensuring that our customers' cars are roadworthy and safe. Speak to a member of the team to arrange an appointment.


Identifying Faults

On many occasions we have had drivers visit us because their car just doesn't feel right. This is a regular issue, and it may be caused by any number of faults. Thankfully, we are able to carry out both interior and exterior inspections of your vehicle to determine any bodywork or engine difficulties. We are capable of completing comprehensive diagnostics to identify any issues with your vehicle's electrical systems.

All Types of Repairs

In order to provide a solution for the varied and complicated issues that occur with vehicles, we are required to offer an extensive range of services. Our vehicle maintenance and repair covers:

Changing Oil | Preparing Vehicles for MOT Tests | Servicing and Repairing Engines | Assessing and Repairing Anti-Lock Braking Systems | Checking, Testing, and Repairing Brake Pads and Disks | Checking, Testing, and Repairing Clutches | Supplying and Changing Tyres | Testing and Charging Battery Systems | Supplying and Fitting New Exhausts | Welding | Replacing Cam Belts | Testing and Replacing Diesel Fuel Injectors

Maintaining Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems are prone to causing vehicle owners issues. They all incorporate a re-gas system, which regularly require servicing and repairs in order to continually function. During this work we will also test the entire system for leaks and repair any identified faults.

Contact us now, in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, to obtain more details regarding our vehicle maintenance and repairs.